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Please note that the DX Tool remains in public beta at this time.

The DX Tool is a tool with multiple uses. You can submit reception reports for both local stations and for stations that only come in at night or during rare events. This allows you to keep a personal log of your reception. All logs are posted publicly, so your reception experience can help others to determine what equipment they may need and how hard or easy reception may be. You have the option of revealing your identity, but the default setting is to keep your identity private.

Reports are then collected together and used to generate what we call "Social Coverage Maps." Effectively, all the reception reports for a given channel are compiled into a map which can then be used to show real world coverage of a given station. To access these maps, go to the Listings and expand out the Technical Data on the station you wish to view. Then click the "(SCM)" link and you will see the Social Coverage Map for that facility.

If you find any bugs, please contact me using the Contact link and let me know. So thank you for giving the DX Tool a try; I hope you find it to be useful and that together we can make it even more useful to others.

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